Self Development Journey


Many organisations know that their ability to find and keep talented employees is vital to their sustained success, but they have no way of knowing whether or not they are effective at doing this – a great deal of a company’s value now lies ‘between the ears of its employees’; and this means that when someone leaves your employ, he takes his value with him….

Antology is able to provide both guidance and execution on our Self Development Journey Roadmap, step by step.  You are able to negotiate according to your needs as to the involvement of our professional services and the level of assistance you require.

Development individual skill-sets through:

Hard Skills Training Courses

  • ITSM Short courses
  • Project Management
  • Service Desk Effectiveness
  • Customised Curriculum Courses

Soft Skills Development

  • Communication Skills Profiling and Development
  • Personality Profile and Development
  • Wealth Dynamic Profiling
  • Team Profiling