Survey Platform

Antology will

  • build
  • distribute
  • analyse

online surveys of all kinds – be that internal to capture or measure any staff opinions, or external to customers (or other focus groups); our customers have freedom in the layout of their survey through a theme (colours, logos, fonts etc) and a range of question types. The results will be collated and made available in PDF format (including graphs where applicable to a particular question) or as raw data in a spreadsheet. Customers can even choose to track responses via a live RSS feed. Antology can conduct analysis of the obtained results for inclusion in your final result.

The platform has been utilised in a number of different business needs – staff climate surveys, staff role descriptions & responsibilities interventions, CEO Suggestions Box (only the CEO receives the anonymous submission automatically in his inbox), external customer satisfaction or feedback; It has even been successfully used in voting scenario’s – e.g. where participants rate different options available to them.

We determine our fee on each assignment when we have a better understanding of your requirements.